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It came to me in a dream...sort of.

How did this all get started?

This idea ruminated in my mind ever since 2016 when I traveled to San Juan Puerto Rico and went on my very first food tour. I was sold. Food tours were the single best thing that vacationers can do when visiting a new city, state or country. Although we circled around Puerto Rico for an hour trying to find the starting spot of the tour because we couldn’t read the Spanish signs, that tour was great for many reasons: the friendliness and knowledgeableness (that's not a word) of the tour guide, the beauty and historical nature of the city, the comradery of the group, and of course the yummy food.

After that, we have tried to food tour every city we’ve visited, and then last year I said, “Forget it. Let’s do it!” Bone Appetit was born. Although we have very little experience in entrepreneurship and little time (I’m a full-time teacher with three kids and a dog), we have put our hearts and minds into getting this adventure off the ground.

We have developed a historical, walking and eating tour for the ages. There is history packed into the start of the tour in Old College. Likewise, we dive into some of the yummiest food from the start- my personal favorite: fried green tomatoes. This tour is for anyone that even slightly enjoys history, food, the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!).

Come and join us on this- our newest, foodiest, most fulfilling adventure.

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